Extra-Special Apple Festival hours

Sat, September 23, 201710:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Squeeze in a visit to Jackson County's museum just up the street from the Festival's midway! The Jones Museum features free admission and is wheelchair accessible.

This year we are debunking the myth that nothing ever changes in the city of Jackson, even in the past 200 years.

How do you know 100 E Broadway St.? Was that Chun King? Or did you know it as Luigano's? Maybe you know it as Furnace Foundry where your father or grandfather worked a long time ago or even as Star Furnace where quite a few great, grandfather's worked. Or maybe you work at Bellisio Foods every day.

That address is just one of the many industrial sites that have changed dramatically through the decades.

Stop in and check out the exhibits that explain all the bits and pieces that have come together to create not only the city of Jackson but also Jackson County.