Jackson County is very fortunate to have its own active historical, cultural and educational museum as envisioned by benefactor and namesake Miss Lillian E. Jones.

Miss Jones (1893-1991) was an unusual woman, who traveled the world for many years. She sought out experiences in foreign cultures, especially in Asia, while living the majority of her life in Jackson County and continuing her family’s philanthropic work in the region.

The Jones Museum opened in 1995 with the two-fold mission to educate and to preserve the historical artifacts of the Jackson County, Ohio area. Currently, the Jones Museum offers at least four themed exhibits each year inside the main building, while also maintaining a large and eclectic permanent collection that includes: a vast number of rare items and photographs collected by Miss Jones during her travels in the 1950s and 1960s; remarkable items from the Jones family’s industrial past including Globe Iron, DT&I, Crown Pipe & Foundry and the Cambrian Hotel along with large portraits and photographs of family members; sculpture and research materials from internationally acclaimed artist Fletcher Benton, who was a family friend of Miss Jones; hundreds of bound volumes of all the different Jackson newspapers from the late 1800s to 1992; more than 80 hard copies of the Jackson High School yearbook, the Osky Wow, from 1912-1995 as well as digitized copies of the Osky Wow 1912-2015.

Genealogical information and research is also an important part of the Jones Museum's dedication to preserving Jackson County history of all kinds. The museum works regularly with the Jackson County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society in continuing efforts in the Carriage House, which is on the Jones Museum property.


The Wonders of Camp Arrowhead 2.0

The Welsh Hills of Ohio's Lake Katharine continue to beguile visitors every day with its natural beauty.

It was the boys and girls of the Camp Arrowhead years who had run of the thousands of acres and made lifelong connections with the pristine and the profound.

From 1949 to 1964, hundreds of boys ages 9 to 16 attended the premier, private boys camp held for six weeks each summer. From 1969-1972, the area was used by the Seal of Ohio Girl Scout Council for summer camping and day camping.

This is the first repetition of an exhibit at the Jones Museum. The Wonders of Camp Arrowhead 1.0 was first shown in 2014 and in the four years since, more than 100 photographs of the lake, buildings and camps have been added to the collection along with details of the tragedies and accidents in what is now known as the Lake Katharine State of Ohio Nature Preserve.

Visitors can see the photos and memorabilia from all the years of the boys camp as well as details about the Lake's development and the people who lived in the region.

Hopefully the Wonders of Camp Arrowhead 2.0 exhibit will help to answer the questions and mysteries of the area known to visitors as Lake Katharine since its development in 1944 by industrialists and nature lovers Edwin A. Jones and J.J. McKitterick.

This exhibit will be available from the beginning of June to the end of September 2018.